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What Does the SBCSA Offer?

SBCSA Boat Building Class Information 2018


Registrations are now being accepted for the 2018 SBCSA Boat Building class.
There will be two projects this year:

1. 2018 class wil install controls, paint and varnish the completed boat. The Jericho Bay Lobster Skiff's hull was completed during the class of 2015/2016.
In 2017 the interior, fairing the inside hull, adding stringers, seats, knees, and console were completed. This is a 15 foot 6 inch open out-board powered Maine skiff.
Originally designed by Joel White the SBCSA version is based on plans by Tom Hill and Eric Dow of Brooklin, Maine
Our skiff is fiberglass covered cedar strip with a center console.
This will be the third year of a three year project.
Here is a time-lapse video of the construction of the Jericho Bay hull. Video

2. The 2018 class will also start a Pygmy Boat kayak design, Osprey.
The OSPREY TRIPLE is quick and easy to handle at a mere 62 pounds! Each cockpit measures 33" x 17", for comfortable paddling and easy entries and exits.

The chief advantage of the Osprey Triple lies in her versatility. Two people can paddle her, or if one paddler wants to go out by themselves--to fish, watch wildlife, or just have some solo time--simply paddle the boat as a single from the middle. This enables you to center your weight in the boat for a balanced paddle, with the hull in good trim. Her 20' length, and 30" inch beam give the Triple excellent stability for carrying a load of even three adults, paddling in synch. To fit 3 cockpits on a kayak requires the holes be set quite close together. The Osprey Triple can be paddled by three people with full-sized kayak paddles. This option requires the people to paddle in synch to avoid clacking blades. When two people paddle from the fore and aft positions, their blades do not touch or clack, even when out of synch.

Osprey Triple Specs:
Length…… 20'
Beam……. 30”
Height…… 13.5”
Weight…... 62 lbs. Cockpit…...17"x33"
Loaded waterline length……18.70'
Top cruising speed……6.00 mph

The details:
When: Classes are held 6-9 PM on Monday and Wednesday nights running from Monday January 8, 2018 until mid-April.
You don't have to attend every class but you'll miss out on the fun.

Classes are held at the Gougeon Boat Shop,
located on Martin Street behind the Gougeon Brothers Inc. For GPS users, try navigating to 800 Martin St, Bay City, MI

How Much: You must be an SBCSA member ($130 for an adult/$220 for a family) and a $70 materials fee.

How to sign up: Call 989-922-7245 or email info@sbcsa.org to save a spot, then download the registration form
from our web page (sbcsa.org), write a check, and mail it to the PO Box on the form. The class size is limited so don't delay.


These classes are perfect for those of you who are considering building your own boat or for those who just like to build boats.
A lot of useful techniques will be learned that can even help with your own boat or home maintenance projects.
Youth age 12+ are welcome to join the class!
Youth age 12-15 must attend with an adult. Youth age 16-17 may attend alone with parent/guardian permission.
*Youth or family membership required. Only one materials fee required per adult/youth pair.

See what other boats have been made by the SBCSA Boat Building class click here

Call (989) 922-SAIL(7245) for additional information

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