During the winter of 2008 the Saginaw Bay Community Sailing Association is completing a EddyCat started
during the 2007 session. The class will also be starting a Joel White Shellback dinghy to be
completed during the 2009 session.

The boat building class is made up of about 20 students.
The class started January 15th, 2008 and will complete on March 31th, 2008
meeting twice a week for three hours.

January FebruaryMarch AprilJune

The Launching

Progress in January 2008
The EddyCat hull and the Shellback's strongback are ready for work to begin.

The shellback midship frame is laminated together and sawn to shape, the Eddycat centerboard trunk is made.

The Eddycat deckframes are lofted and cut, work continues on the centerboard trunk.

The Eddycat deckframes are fit to the boat, the Shellback's transom gets a final shaping.

Progress in February 2008
The Shellback's bowstem and midship frame are installed, the Eddycat's centerboard trunk and seat risers are installed.

The Eddycat's deck beams get a final fitting, plywood for the Shellback's planks gets scrafed.

The Shellback's transom is ready for mounting on the strongback, where has this guy been anyway? .

The Shellback's bottom plank gets laid out, the Eddycat gets a coating with epoxy, the photographer at work.

The Shellback's bottom plank gets installed, this is just like at work!

The Chief Technical Advisor looks on, holes get filled, and a student completes an assigned project.

Eddycat gets cleanedup in prep for painting, the centerboard gets trimmed to fit into the trunk.
The Shellback garboards get a test fit.

The Eddycat gets flipped so the outside can be cleanedup.

The Shellback's bottom plank gets beveled to accept the garboard plank and the garboard plank gets installed.

The Eddycat's centerboard work continues, the inside gets painted a final coat and the outside gets another coat of
epoxy to fill the weave.

The Shellback's second plank gets fit to the boat.

Progress in March 2008
As we watch the paint dry we decide what to do next.

The EddyCat's deck beams and gussets get installed

The Eddycat's side deck header and carlings get fit and installed.

A student carefully removes screws with a highly sharpened block plane.

As a student finally reads the instructions the last planks of the Shellback are in place.

The deck framing for the Eddycat is all in place and the deck panels are rough cut.

The deck panels for the Eddycat are trial fit.

The Eddycat interior gets a final coat and the deck mast partner gets installed.

Progress in April 2008
The plywood deck is installed and ready for the Dynel fabric covering.

Dynel fabric is installed on the deck.

The floor boards get a final fit and finishing touches go on the dagger board .

The cockpit coaming is installed.

The hull is primed.

Mike makes a marshmello fork and a four year repeating student does extra credit in a futile attempt to pass the course.

Progress in June 2008
The Eddycat is almost done.

Trial Launching
Rigging and first launching .
Stability testing.

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