What Does the SBCSA Offer?

2010 Boat Building Class


The Boat: : In 2010, the SBCSA’s boat building class will complete "Ellen" a 12 foot sailing skiff. The hull of "Ellen" wasbuilt in a class at WoodenBoat and was part of the 2009 SBCSA class. Seats, flooring, centerboard, rudder, spars and finish workwill be done in 2010.

In addition, in 2009 the SBCSA class started a second "Ellen". The strongback, hull forms, bowstem, transom and keelson were fabricated and set in place. The 2010 project for the second "Ellen" wlll be to plank her up.

In planking the boat the class will; scarf the plywood, line the planks, build a spiling pattern, spile the planks, cut out the planks, cut gains, bevel and fit the planks to the boat. If time permits the class will start to finish out the hull on the second "Ellen".

"Ellen" is John Brooks design, for more information on "Ellen" Click here.

Class Schedule: Monday & Wednesday evenings
6 PM to 9 PM
January 4, 2010 to April , 2010.

Class Location: Classes are held at the Gougeon Boat Shop, located on Martin Street behind the Gougeon Brothers Inc.

Fee: SBCSA Membership (required)
Adult / Family $130 / $220
Materials Fee $70
Total: $200 or $290

Enrollment Call (989) 922-7245 to reserve your place in the class,
then send an application and a check to:
SBCSA, P.O. Box 2122, Bay City, MI 48707.

The class is limited to 20 students.

Call (989) 922-SAIL(7245) for additional information