In 2012 the SBCSA boat building class will complete the Ellen that was started in 2010. We will continue the work on the Zurn 22, an electric motor launch we started in 2011. The boatbuilders will also start a "Bob's Special" a 16 foot canoe from Bear Mountain Boats. The Ellen is a glued lapstrake plywood sailing skiff and the Zurn and the Bob will be stripped planked.

The boat building class is made up of about 20 students.
The class started January 4th, 2012 and will complete sometime in the spring of 2012
meeting twice a week for three hours.

January February March April

Progress in January 2012
The sheer clamp on the Zurn is inspected
while students set up the strongback for the "Bob's Special" and one of the shop cats take it all in.

Final touches are put on the Ellen and the router table is set up
to bead and cove the planks for the Zurn. A student learns how to fair the sheer clamp on the Zurn

The crew runs the Zurn planks through the router cutting a bead on the edge.
All this work has tired out the shopcat.

Planking has begun on the Zurn

and the Bob's Special.

Progress in February2012
The rig is fitted to "Ellen II" completing the boat.

The Pram gets a fresh coat on paint, and the stem of the "Bob's Special" gets shaped for a new plank.

A plank for the Zurn is held by some wavy students, planking progresses on the Zurn.

Pre-production lecture, planks are fitted onto the bowstem, accent stripe is in place on the "Bob's special".

Glue is laid in the cove before the next plank is set in place, planking continues to progress on the Zurn,
and the Pram gets a new coat of Kirby Paint Bottle Green #12.

More western red cedar strips are installed on the canoe, excess material is trimmed of the ends.

"Bob's Special is starting to look like a canoe.
A scarf is planned into a plank on the Zurn, epoxy is applied to the Zurn prior to installing the next plank.

Zurn planks are fastened in place, more planks are cut with a scarfing jig.
Work progresses on the canoe, a strip is trimmed to fit in place.
Shaping the center line and fitting strips on the canoe.
Zurn planks are glued with a Pro_Set gun.
More glue and a plank is set in place.
Zurn planks are scarfed together, then cleaned before the bead and cove is cut.

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