In 2013 the SBCSA boat building class will complete the work on the Zurn 22, an electric motor launch we started in 2011. The boatbuilders will also complete "Bob's Special" a 16 foot canoe from Bear Mountain Boats. The 2013 class will build several Optimist Prams for the SBCSA Sailing School fleet to replace some aging and well used prams.

The boat building class is made up of about 20 students.
The class started January 7th, 2013 and will complete sometime in the spring of 2013
meeting twice a week for three hours.

January February March April

Progress in January 2013
The cradle for the Zurn is started. Padding and glass is shaped to the hull and
a plywood bulkhead is cut out.
The second cradel bulkhead is cut out, with both bulkheads in place the stringers are attached.
As a student figures out which way is up, the station molds are removed from the inside of the Zurn.
As the work on the Zurn progresses Bob's Special gets a good fairing is prep for finish work.
The rollover cradle continues to be assembled.
Once the cradle is assembled the strongback and any temporary forms are removed in preparation for rollover.
After the Zurn is set on saw horses the cradle pads are epoxied to the cradle..
Work on the "Bob's Special" continues, planning of the gunwales, more sanding and joining of the deck pieces.
Two of the boatshop cats watch, Newbie and Sweep.

Rolling the Zurn This is a 60 second video of the class rolling over the 22 foot Zurn on January 22,2013.
Newbie and Sweep inspect our work in the second half of the video.
The interior of the Zurn is sanded and faired in preparation for glassing.
Gunwales for the Bob's Special.
floor stringers for the Zurn.
Boatshop cat sits on the bowsprit of Strings..
Progress in February 2013
The inwales are fitted and epoxied to the "Bob's Special".
A deck is fitted into the canoe.
A final sanding of the inside of the Zurn, a floor hatch is glassed and interior glassing begins.
More glassing and the deck beams are cut for the Zurn..
And the cat watches.

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