In 2014 the SBCSA boat building class will complete the work several Optimist Prams the class built in 2013 for the SBCSA Sailing School fleet to replace some aging and well used prams.

The class also started construction on two Chesapeake Light Craft Woodduck 12 Kayaks. These will be completed in 2015 to be raffled in 2016.

The boat building class is made up of about 20 students.
The class started January 6th, 2014 and will complete sometime in the spring of 2014
meeting twice a week for three hours.

January February March April

Progress in January 2014
New Prams, Prams for refit, and Newbie one of the boatshop cats.
The kayaks assembly starts, work on the Prams and the Zurn 22 EL.
The Prams center boards and mast partners are built as well as some "Sam Manning" sawhorses for the shop.
Mast partners are in, a kayak is assembled, and a Pram rudder is shaped.
Progress in February 2014
The instructions are studied as the kayaks take shape.
Work on the Zurn 22 EL, a Kayak is wired together, gun'ales are glued on the Prams.
Hull of Kayak 1 is glued together, Kayak 2 is wired.

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