In 2015 the SBCSA boat building class will continue construction on two Chesapeake Light Craft Woodduck 12 Kayaks. These will be completed in the winter class of 2016 to be raffled as a pair in the summer. Starting this class is a Jericho Bay Lobster Skiff. A 15 foot outboard powered open boat, an excellent fishing boat for Saginaw Bay. This will be a three year project.

The boat building class is made up of about 20 students.
The class started January 5th, 2015 and will complete sometime in the spring of 2015
meeting twice a week for three hours.

January February March April

Progress in January 2015
As the class begins our chief technical advisor takes a stretch.
The Jericho station forms are cut and ready to mounted on the strongback, the permanent bulkheads are coated with epoxy and the bowstem is laminated up.
The first kayak's hull interior gets a coat of paint. Hull number one deck. Hull number two deck strip planking begins.
The Western Red Cedar strips cut last week are milled on a router table putting on a bead and cove edge.
This will become the planking for the Jericho Bay Lobster Skiff.
The Jericho Bay strongback is built and the stations are installed. The transom gets a coat of epoxy.
Hull number two deck strip planking continues. The first kayak's hull gets a sheer clamp installed.
Progress in February 2015
Deck is almost complete on kayak #2, deck is attached to kayak #1.
Strip planking begins on the Jericho Bay Lobster Skiff.
Final strips are fitted into the deck of Kayak #2, the deck of Kayak # 1 gets sanded.
Kayak #1 almost ready for glass, at least someone studies the Jericho Bay plans,
glue is applied in preparation for the next strip on the Jericho Bay.
On the Jericho Bay Lobster Skiff planking progresses.
Setting more planks on the Jericho Bay, shooting a nail into the ceiling, planked to the turn of the bilge.
Underside of the deck on kayak #2 gets readied for glass, More sanding on Kayak #1 .
The underside of Kayak #2 deck and the top of kayak #1 deck get sanded for final glassing.
The decks are glassed and epoxy applied.
Planking continues of the Jericho Bay Lobster Skiff.
Kayak # 1 is almost ready for paint and varnish, Slappy stealthfully watches from the tool chest.
According to the plans there is a baseline up there somewhere. Shaping the bowstem and adding planks.
Attaching the spray skirt coaming to kayak #1 and the sheer clamp to kayak #2.
Jericho Bay Skiff planking progressed to only the whiskey plank left to install, Kayak #2 inside hull is painted.
Kayak #1 hatch and spray skirt coaming are nearly completed.
Progress in March 2015
Fitting the whiskey plank on the Jericho Bay Lobster Skiff.
Jericho Skiff is faired and glass cut.
Glass layed out on the boat and saturated with epoxy.
More epoxy and then covered with peel-ply, keel scribing batten is set in place.
Kayak #1 prepped for varnish, Kayak #2 prepped for glass, Kayak #1 varnished.
Progress in April 2015
As Slappy watches from her fiberglass bed, work goes on.
The keel is attached to the Jericho Skiff, bowstem laminate is dry fit and epoxy applied.
The bowstem laminate is attached to the Skiff.
Kayak #1 has a final coat of varnish and a first coat of paint, Kayak #2 got more epoxy.
Laminating and shaping of the outer bowstem of the Jericho Bay Lobster Skiff.
Kayak #1 hatch cover is in place, more coats of Kirby Shaw yellow..
Other activity in the GBI boat shop, Strings and a Gougemaran are in for updates.
Strings gets a new mast, cat on a canoe mold.

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