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Boatbuilding Class

During the winter months, SBCSA introduces members to the art of boatbuilding using a variety of construction methods, building techniques, and other skills. No prior boat building knowledge is required. Basic woodworking skills are helpful but not necessary. Completed boats are raffled off or sold and proceeds support the SBCSA’s youth and adult sailing programs.

This season, the boatbuilding class will continue working on existing projects: a shellback dinghy and the pair of 15′ sailing canoes that were inspired by Meade Gougeon’s Woodwind. The boatbuilding class will also start construction on a hybrid 14′ Wood Duck kayak. In addition to continuing work on these boats, there is always routine maintenance to be done for the fleet of training boats used for youth and adult sailing lessons.



The success and growth of the SBCSA depend upon the support and commitment of those willing to volunteer their time and talents. Activities can include boat and facility maintenance, fundraising, publicity, and more!

If you are interested in volunteering with SBCSA, sign up to be a member and check one or more of the activities listed on the membership application. Our team will reach out to discuss upcoming opportunities.

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